We are YUMI Street Food

At YUMI Street Foods we are committed to a quality end-product and our dishes use high quality ingredients, with all our halal meat and poultry being locally sourced.

We apply very stringent standards for all the food and ingredients across our product ranges.

Furthermore, we design our education sector specific products to be fully suitable for a child’s diet, to help ensure compliance with government nutritional standards for food in school.

The YUMI Street Foods range of frozen authentic halal products is produced at our Laisterdyke production facility in Bradford, by our dedicated team of Muslim chefs who have produced tens of millions of halal meals and products over the years.

Maintaining the confidence of our Muslim customers in the integrity of the halal food we provide is vital and needs rigorous checks throughout the entire food supply chain.

We have a HMC assured halal meat and poultry supply chain. This is further supplemented by audit inspections by the Bradford Council for Mosques. This ensures independent inspection is carried out at each stage of our supply chain to verify compliance with the requirements of Sharia law.

Our provision of halal meals for schools began in 1983, using actual recipes brought from home by some of our Muslim kitchen staff, to recreate a truly authentic home cooked style.

From the outset we established a close working relationship with the local community and the Bradford Council for Mosques. This helped to make sure the correct procedures, training and good practice were in place to certify that the food provided to our customers complied with Islamic requirements.

Over the years, our customers have included schools, local authorities and hospitals throughout the country. Our products have been provided for civic events and we’ve even been the sole supplier of halal meals to the World Student Games.

Our production kitchens were also used for the complete preparation & cooking of the gala dinner banquet for the World Curry Festival 2016.

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Whatever the catering environment in which you operate, we believe we have the products and foodservice expertise to meet your requirements for high quality halal products.

If you have any questions, would like to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your needs, or simply want to purchase any of our products, please contact us.

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General Manager


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Laisterdyke Central Production Unit

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